Adirondack Wildlife, Inc.
P.O. Box 555, Wilmington, NY 12997

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Adirondack Wildlife, Inc. is a nonprofit rehabilitation and education organization dedicated to the following purposes.

· To rehabilitate and, whenever possible, to return to the wild, injured or otherwise disabled wildlife;

· To maintain refuge facilities for rehabilitated wildlife that cannot be released to the wild;

· To increase community appreciation and understanding of the natural world, the ecological roles of wildlife, the benefits of habitat preservation, how wildlife preservation assists with human activities such as agriculture, and how to safely interact with wildlife;

· To cooperate and assist with local, state and federal governmental bodies and agencies, as well as other not-for-profits and private individuals and businesses, in the preservation and rehabilitation of wildlife;

· To carry on any and all additional activities, incidental, related, or appropriate to the furtherance of the above purposes.

To accomplish our goals and conduct our rehabilitation and educational programs, we raise funds through donations, grants, and other public sources. Currently, our programs are being carried out through our contractor, Adirondack Wildlife Refuge and Rehabilitation Center. More information about the Refuge Center is available at

Adirondack Wildlife, Inc. is dedicated not only to protecting wildlife, but also to educating the public about the important ecological value of natural predators, including many who are feared by the public because of media sensationalism. For example, in our presentations, we describe how reintroduction of the wolf to Yellowstone National Park actually helped diverse species such as as trout, pronghorn antelope, beaver, and song birds by shifting local natural balances in ways that enable them to thrive.

Adirondack Wildlife, Inc. focuses not only on the animals it rehabilitates and shelters, but on their habitats and their benefits to human activities such as agriculture. One of our current initiatives is a collaboration with organic farmers to repopulate American farmlands with the barn owl, a far more efficient and ecologically benign predator than the rodenticides farmers use to indiscriminately kill rodents—and which also kill the natural predators that control them. In this way, Adirondack Wildlife, Inc. contributes not only to the health and well-being of wild animals, but also to the sustainability of human communities and the health of the environment.

Your contributions enable us to continue and expand this important work. In a time when it seems all we hear is news of the destruction of critical habitats and the extinction of individual species, it is inspiring to learn and get involved with one organization dedicated to reversing the trend. That is what we do, day in and day out. But we can’t do it without your help

With your support, we not only ensure the survival of individual animals; we also educate the public about the need to preserve our environment and the natural balance that sustains life in New York’s Adirondacks and all across our endangered planet. The child who understands the relationship between wolves and ravens, between barn owls and a healthy harvest, knows a truth that may save yet another important species – homo sapiens. The adult who understands the interconnectedness of all species and the web of life that supports us all is motivated to act in ways that will sustain life, not destroy it.

Thank you for your support of our work—and our vision.

Dirk Bryant, President

Henrietta Jordan, secretary

Gloria Volz, board member

Kathleen Suozzo, board member

Great Horned OwlsRed-Tailed Hawk
Great Horned Owls                                                   Red-Tailed Hawk

Your donations can help create enclosures for the disabled raptors and other creatures our contractor shelters and uses for educational purposes. Your donations also provide the medical care their rehab animals require to return them to the wild. Our contractor is currently building an enclosure for a non-flighted bald eagle we expect to have assigned to their care in May 2011. We also are funding projects for a rehabilitation barn, and a multi-acre enclosure for wolves. By donating to Adirondack Wildlife, Inc., you enable us to save wildlife, and to continue educating the public about the critical role raptors and other predators play in the web of life.

Adirondack Wildlife, Inc. Board
Adirondack Wildlife, Inc. board, left to right: Dirk Bryant, President. Henrietta Jordan, Secretary, Barbara Brinkley, Treasurer,
Gloria Volz, Board member, and Kathy Suozzo, Board member.